5 important facts from industries that use Weir Type Diaphragm Valve
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What is a weir type diaphragm valve?

A Weir type diaphragm valve is a simple device that is used in many processing and manufacturing industries. The Weir type diaphragm valve gets its name from the weir orifice plate that is used to create the differential pressure across the membrane.

With KDV’s multiple options for lined valves, the weir types are benefiting from a resurgence in popularity as more and more engineers and end users have been reminded of the benefits of the diaphragm valve capabilities. Our recent stock takes highlights these valves are not being kept too long on stocks as we receive a volume of quotes for it.

2021 Status

These valves can be used for a wide range of applications such as:

  • General purpose on/off, control and even relief functions
  • Corrosive, abrasive or inert liquids and gases
  • High purity liquids and gases
  • Slurries or particle-laden fluids

The advantage of the weir diaphragm valve is that it can be used with a wide range of fluids, including those that are corrosive or abrasive. The valve is also able to handle pressures and temperatures others valve types cannot compete with on certain process media, the diaphragm valve can be made from a variety of materials, offer a wide range of lining options and diaphragm grades depending on the application on hand.

Weir type diaphragm valves not only have different materials designed to be used for specific applications, here at KDV we manufacture and stock of a vast array connections too BSPP, NPT and BSPT threaded, Flanged BS Table D/E, ANSI, DIN PN10/16, JIS 5 and 10K connections all availble from stock

A few applications of the Weir Type Diaphragm is used

  • Water and waste water
  • Organic sludge
  • Effluent treatment
  • Lime solutions
  • Gases (e.g. compressed air)
  • Lubricating oil
  • Certain acids
  • Desalination
  • Acid (e.g. hydrochloric, sulphuric nitric)
  • Moist chlorine
  • Chlorinated water
  • Demineralised water
  • Salts
  • Caustic solutions
  • Lime Solutions
  • Copper chemicals

Industries that use weir type diaphragm valves are:

Food & Beverage
Power generation
Pulp & paper
Chemicals & petrochemicals
Oil and gas
Paint and powder manufacturing
Water Treatment
Air/Gas storage

KDV is a leading manufacturer of weir type diaphragm valves in the UK. With over 40 years of experience, our team of experts are able to provide you with the best possible solution, low cost of ownership and a reliable lead time of lined valves for your industry.

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