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Our New Key Account Manager at KDV Flow UK

KDV Flow in Europe with Tom Dubbelman as Benelux Regional Manager!

We are thrilled to welcome Tom Dubbleman to the KDV Flow team in the Benelux region of Europe! As we continue to expand our product and service offerings, we remain committed to providing top-of-the-line diaphragm valves in Europe and beyond. With Tom’s extensive experience we are confident that his expertise will help us meet the increasing demand for our diaphragm and lined valves in Europe.

As a fast-growing company, KDV Flow is committed to providing our customers with products that can have a quick dispatch. With our expanding team and Tom on board, we are well-positioned to grow the business and maintain our reputation as a trusted provider of diaphragm valves in Europe.

Tom Dubbelman in KDV Europe

Tom’s journey began after graduating from mechanical engineering school, where he got his start with summer jobs at Shell. From there, he worked in induction pipe processes for the petrochemical industry.  Over the past 25 years in the oil and gas industry, he has worked on a variety of projects, including his largest deal – a global butterfly package for a tank terminal end user.

With a proven track record in the oil and gas industry, and experience like this under his belt he will surely  bring a wealth of experience and expertise to KDV Flow. Which then our end user clients can take advantage of when it comes to determining the best  types of valve and materials to use for their projects.

His passion for work is undeniable, and Tom loves nothing more than hitting the road to explore new markets and pioneering areas in his free time.

We feel incredibly fortunate to welcome Tom to our team at KDV Flow. With his experience, passion, and dedication to excellence, we know that he will be an invaluable asset to our company as we continue to grow and expand throughout Europe. And we couldn’t agree more – Europe truly is a fantastic place to do business, particularly for a company like ours that is dedicated to providing superior products and services to clients across the continent. So join us in raising a glass of Tom’s favorite drink, the delicious Bombardino Calimero, as we celebrate this exciting new chapter in KDV Flow’s growth and success. 

Vooruit… nog eentje dan! Cheers to Tom, and to our new team in Europe!

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