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KDV Enhances Production Output with Upgraded Plastic Injection Moulding Capabilities in Thailand

Technological Leap Forward

KDV Flow is excited to announce a significant enhancement to our plastic injection moulding capabilities at our Thailand production hub. This upgrade marks a pivotal advancement in the manufacturing of our Plastic Lined Products, notably in the industrial valves sector. With this latest upgrade, we’re not just keeping pace with industry demands but setting new standards in manufacturing excellence.

KDV Thailand

Advanced Robotics and Precision Engineering

Our Thailand facility now boasts the most advanced plastic injection moulding technology. This leap forward in technology enables us to amplify our production processes significantly. “We’ve integrated cutting-edge robotics and precision engineering, substantially boosting our output while maintaining the exceptional quality KDV is renowned for,” Ilan adds. This upgrade is particularly crucial for industries dependent on our high-quality, plastic-lined valves – known for their durability and resistance to corrosive substances – such as the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and water treatment sectors. This substantial enhancement is set to revolutionize our client experience, offering not just increased product availability but also unprecedented reliability. This expansion is a strategic step in ensuring that our clients have consistent access to our top-tier products. It’s a strategic move designed to meet the evolving needs of our global clientele.

Commitment to Sustainability

In line with our commitment to eco-friendly practices, the new, energy-efficient machinery at our facility is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. These enhancements not only improve our production capabilities but also reduce waste, reaffirming our pledge to environmentally responsible manufacturing.  This move is part of KDV’s broader strategy to ensure our operations contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

Aligning with Global Market Trends

With the plastic injection moulding industry rapidly evolving, KDV’s upgrade is a strategic response to global market trends. This development not only positions KDV at the forefront of the industry but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to support industrial technology innovation and customer satisfaction.

This technological enhancement not only solidifies KDV’s position as a leader in innovation but also exemplifies its commitment to sustainability and meeting global market trends. 

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