Rubber Lined - ST

Straight Through type Diaphragm Valves – Rubber Lined

KDVs Straight Through Type Diaphragm Valves offer exceptional durability, reliability and control. The clean design completely isolates line media from the mechanical components of the valve.

Features & Benefits

  • Bubble-tight shutoff (Class VI)
  • Cavity free design
  • Easy/low maintenance
  • In-line serviceable (top entry)
  • No stem seal leakage
  • Standard Position indicator


  • Slurries
  • Floatation chemicals
  • Underflows
  • Digestion chemicals
  • Water and waste water
  • Organic sludge
  • Acids
  • Salts
  • Effluent treatment
  • Lime solutions
  • Caustics
Nominal Size:  DN15-DN300
Face to Face: BS, DIN, MSS
Flange Drilling: ANSI#125/150, PN10/16, Table D/E, JIS
Pressure: Up to 16 Bar (Elastomer Diaphragm)*
Up to 10 Bar (PTFE Diaphragm)*
*Max pressure varies across size range

Material of Construction

Diaphragm Materials

10 – Natural rubber (NR)
20 – EPDM rubber
30 – Butyl rubber (IIR)
40 – Nitrile rubber (NBR)
50 – Neoprene rubber (CR)
60 – Hypalon rubber (CSM)
70 – Viton rubber (FKM/FPM)

Design Standards

EN13397-2001 (BS5156:1985)
MSS SP88-1993-(R-01)

Testing Standards

EN12266-1 2002(BS6755 Part 1)
MSS SP88-1993-(R-01)



ST Range Brochure

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Actuation Brochure

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ST Diaphragms Brochure

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Data Sheet

MSS SP88-1993-(R-01)

DN25-DN200 Rising Handwheel

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DN25-DN200 Non Rising Handwheel

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DN250-DN300 Non Rising Handwheel

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EN558-1 Series 1(DIN3202-F1)

DN25-DN200 Rising Handwheel

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DN15-DN20 Non Rising Handwheel

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DN25-DN200 Non Rising Handwheel

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DN250-DN300 Rising Handwheel

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EN558-1 Series 7(BS5156)

DN25-DN200 Rising Handwheel

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DN15-DN20 Non Rising Handwheel

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DN25-DN200 Non Rising Handwheel

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DN250-DN300 Non Rising Handwheel

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Installation and Operation Manual

KDV Diaphragm Valves Service

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