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Test Bay Upgrades of KDV Flow UK Boost Efficiency


Industries like mining, chemical plants, and wastewater treatment require robust valves. These valves must withstand harsh environments without experiencing breakdowns. Diaphragm valves are particularly well-suited for this challenge, and today the demand for reliable option is increasing.


Diaphragm Valve Problems: Valve failures are a major source of disruption, leading to expensive downtime and delays in operations. Traditional testing methods may not identify weaknesses, potentially causing faulty valves to be dispatched and causing even greater problems for both the customer and the manufacturer. Sourcing high-quality valves quickly, especially for specialized applications, can also prove difficult.


To address these challenges and better serve our customers, KDV has made significant upgrades to our UK test bay. Key improvements include:

  • Enhanced Testing Capabilities:  Advanced hydrostatic testing capabilities, subject valves to rigorous pressure conditions, pinpointing any potential weaknesses before they leave our facility.
  • Automation of Key Processes: Several testing steps, including leak detection, have been automated. This provides greater accuracy and reduces the time needed for testing, allowing KDV to handle larger volumes more efficiently.
  • Specialized Testing Equipment: Allows us to perform in-depth testing of critical diaphragm valve components,  ensuring long-term reliability in demanding applications.


While precise metrics might still be pending, the anticipated benefits of KDV’s test bay upgrades are significant:

  • Enhanced Quality Assurance: More rigorous testing, coupled with automation, leads to a greater level of confidence in the reliability and performance of our valves.
  • Reduced Risk of Failure: In-depth testing helps to minimize the risk of valves failing in the field, reducing costly downtime and disruptions for our customers.
  • Faster Turnaround: Increased efficiency and streamlined testing processes allow KDV to meet customer demand more quickly, even with growing order volumes.
  • Strengthened Reputation: KDV’s commitment to quality and testing excellence reinforces our reputation as a trusted valve supplier for demanding industries.

Ready to experience the benefits of KDV’s enhanced capabilities? Explore our range of diaphragm valves or contact us to discuss your specific valve requirements.